Ages of Tevintar, Chantry, the Dalish, and the Eladrin

December 17, 2010

December 17, 2010

Our Eladrin players Trenton Grumble, Lanlene Duskwalker, Strophe kippo, and Seilverus Evinmoore begun their journey by meeting one another along the main road to the newly founded Eladrin village of Fair Breeze. They teamed up and assisted some mercenaries in the capture of a dangerous felon Mage, encountered a human squad whom was harvesting Crysteine Bark, annihilated some undead skeletons, assisted a young white dragon against an ent, recaptured the felon Mage and revived the mercenaries. Arrived at the Village of Fair Breeze and met with the magistrate Alice Longstrider and the ruling Noble Markus Sunreaver. Players joined under the banner of Markus Sunreaver in answer to the call for Eladrin elite warriors to help defend and expand Eladrin control. Alice Longstrider asks Markus Sunreaver and his adventurers to return the Enchanted Crysteine seed from the Goblins that had stolen it in the night for their commander. Vince Crestfall joined the party in hopes of ridding the Goblin infestation. Lofty Dustreave Asks the players to find some Elderberry ash for her in exchange for her services as a alchemist, also to find the fabled Crysteine Grove for her friend the blacksmith, by the name of Tundy Elermoor. Markus Sunreaver,Siverine Grumble, Strophe kippo, and Vince Crestfall set out and completed all that was asked of them. Unfortunately upon their…noticeable return in the cart that they found, they rammed into the lodge and destroyed 1,500 gold worth of it. In the chaos of the crash, the felon mage escaped from holding. Fortunately due to the party’s……stubborn resolve in taking EVERY LITTLE ITEM that EVER dropped….they had enough gold to pay in full for the damage that they caused. Alice Longstrider was more delighted in the return of the Enchanted Crysteine Seed, than angry with the destruction of the town center, the lodge. Upon the marrow, Alice asked Markus and the adventurers to go out and explore the happening in Elderberry meadows. Upon arrival the party encountered frozen parts of the meadows, with some VERY angry fire beetles. After a days slaughter of the brutal beetles, our party decided to rest with a Dalish wanderer by the name of Misty Fragile. After a nights shared song, food, stories, and laughter the morn arrived and Misty asked us to escort her to her tribe. Upon rival a young white Dragon assaulted the clan of Dalish, swooping in and releasing a deathly ice breath upon its people. We quickly followed the dragon up the mountain, finding it, negotiating with it, and agreeing to help it find its families ancient liar. The Dragon happens to be the same that we assisted on our journey to Fair Breeze village. It has granted us 10 days to find the lair, if failing to do so it will attack Fair Breeze.

Current Location: Dalish Encampment

Game Master: What will the heroes do? Will they try to fortify the town against the Dragon? Will they find the liar in time? Will they convince the wandering Dalish tribe to forsake their tribal ways for the Eldarin way of life? Will some other threat divide the party? We will find out next time in our session!



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