Ages of Tevintar, Chantry, the Dalish, and the Eladrin

January 15

From the journal of Seilverus Evinmoore

I sit down now to write for the first time in a while. I sit here in the corner of the healer’s shack, my body still racked with the effects of body-soul seperation. I fear my comrades may have to continue without me for a brief while. My brief time in the spirit world has brought to me a new perspective, and I wish to put to paper the account of its coming to pass. We were encamped with our newfound allies, a tribe of Dalish of strange coloring. The Dalish are an odd group in general so I decided against remarking about it. Our recent encounters with monstrous fire beetles had put me on edge and the Dalish being so close in coloration did little to set me at ease. We quickly learned that the tribe had been plauged by a white dragon, and charged us to save them in return for their loyalty. Their need was further exemplified when their cheif, an odd orange fellow who incidentally was Misty’s father, was seized by the dragon and spirited away. We ascended yonder mount, and were soon accosted by the dragon. The drake which had previously bonded with Grumble had grown quickly into this awe inspiring beast. Terrible though it was, I could not help but marvel at this majestic creature. It recognized us, and bade us to find it lair to claim as its own, and exchange it would leave our charges in peace. Its elegant manner of speech was persuasive, and certainly…interesting. We agreed and descended the mountain. With Misty now acting as chief, we felt obliged to escort the Dalish back to Fair Breeze We consented, and it gave us a horn imbued with the ability to call it forth. It flew off, leaving us to our task. We made our way back through the brush towards yonder village. We lost two tribesmen when wolves suprise us from the rear. We fought them off with little difficulty. We encountered similar situations with mild degrees of difficulty, wolves along with the dreaded yet stupid fire beetles. One situation strikes me stil as unexplainable. Now, as the only warlock amongst our group I have seen my fair share of strange happenings, as the fey make even our ‘deviants’ look tame. I was just coming to after being breifly knocked unconscious and saw something I’m sure will perplex me till my (final) death. I was greeted by the sight of what appeared to be a wolf attempting an act of mid-battle copulation with our fearless leader. Post or pre-battle acts are not alien to my realm of knowledge, but this was new. Our brave Warlord declined to comment on it afterwards, threatening to and I quote “core you [me] like a racoon fey cores its were-creyfish mistress” if I brought it up again. I was perplexed, and considered telling him that it was the other way around, but I decided against it.

After a skirmish with goblins INCREDILBLY talented in the ways of stealth yet oddly attracted to falling trees, we finally arrived at our fair village. We quickly bought ourselves a set of horses and raced off to complete the dragon’s wish. We were accosted by yet more goblins (less stealthy) and came to a clearing with a suspicious bush. I called warlock’s fire to my hands and awaited the order to strike. However it was our fearless leader who took point. Upon attacking the harmless bush and subsequently being plastered with berry juice ( I was again threatened against comment) a horde of fire beetles descended upon us. ‘Twas in this fight that I fell to near death via fiery blast. Seeing as we had made good time, and expected there to be long enough to back track, my comrades hauled my me to the alchemist’s cabin to be treated so that I could still be of use to the Eladrin. Unfortunately upon arrival the alchemist was short of a vital ingredients to treat my wounds. It T’was a simple decision, they could only leave me here in the best care from the alchemist.

And now our our party plans to continue, hopefully they will succeed without me. I think it reasonable that they will.



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