Ages of Tevintar, Chantry, the Dalish, and the Eladrin

December 17, 2010
December 17, 2010

Our Eladrin players Trenton Grumble, Lanlene Duskwalker, Strophe kippo, and Seilverus Evinmoore begun their journey by meeting one another along the main road to the newly founded Eladrin village of Fair Breeze. They teamed up and assisted some mercenaries in the capture of a dangerous felon Mage, encountered a human squad whom was harvesting Crysteine Bark, annihilated some undead skeletons, assisted a young white dragon against an ent, recaptured the felon Mage and revived the mercenaries. Arrived at the Village of Fair Breeze and met with the magistrate Alice Longstrider and the ruling Noble Markus Sunreaver. Players joined under the banner of Markus Sunreaver in answer to the call for Eladrin elite warriors to help defend and expand Eladrin control. Alice Longstrider asks Markus Sunreaver and his adventurers to return the Enchanted Crysteine seed from the Goblins that had stolen it in the night for their commander. Vince Crestfall joined the party in hopes of ridding the Goblin infestation. Lofty Dustreave Asks the players to find some Elderberry ash for her in exchange for her services as a alchemist, also to find the fabled Crysteine Grove for her friend the blacksmith, by the name of Tundy Elermoor. Markus Sunreaver,Siverine Grumble, Strophe kippo, and Vince Crestfall set out and completed all that was asked of them. Unfortunately upon their…noticeable return in the cart that they found, they rammed into the lodge and destroyed 1,500 gold worth of it. In the chaos of the crash, the felon mage escaped from holding. Fortunately due to the party’s……stubborn resolve in taking EVERY LITTLE ITEM that EVER dropped….they had enough gold to pay in full for the damage that they caused. Alice Longstrider was more delighted in the return of the Enchanted Crysteine Seed, than angry with the destruction of the town center, the lodge. Upon the marrow, Alice asked Markus and the adventurers to go out and explore the happening in Elderberry meadows. Upon arrival the party encountered frozen parts of the meadows, with some VERY angry fire beetles. After a days slaughter of the brutal beetles, our party decided to rest with a Dalish wanderer by the name of Misty Fragile. After a nights shared song, food, stories, and laughter the morn arrived and Misty asked us to escort her to her tribe. Upon rival a young white Dragon assaulted the clan of Dalish, swooping in and releasing a deathly ice breath upon its people. We quickly followed the dragon up the mountain, finding it, negotiating with it, and agreeing to help it find its families ancient liar. The Dragon happens to be the same that we assisted on our journey to Fair Breeze village. It has granted us 10 days to find the lair, if failing to do so it will attack Fair Breeze.

Current Location: Dalish Encampment

Game Master: What will the heroes do? Will they try to fortify the town against the Dragon? Will they find the liar in time? Will they convince the wandering Dalish tribe to forsake their tribal ways for the Eldarin way of life? Will some other threat divide the party? We will find out next time in our session!

December 20, 2010
December 20, 2010

GM: Redo of The Meadow, Tribe, and the Dragon up to the Dalish tribe as new character Hanselex was re-rolled and replaced Lanlene Duskwalker, same happenings as December 17, 2010 with the exception of the party finding the alcove and burying the remains of Mr. Dustreave and encountering a phantom Warrior.

January 15

From the journal of Seilverus Evinmoore

I sit down now to write for the first time in a while. I sit here in the corner of the healer’s shack, my body still racked with the effects of body-soul seperation. I fear my comrades may have to continue without me for a brief while. My brief time in the spirit world has brought to me a new perspective, and I wish to put to paper the account of its coming to pass. We were encamped with our newfound allies, a tribe of Dalish of strange coloring. The Dalish are an odd group in general so I decided against remarking about it. Our recent encounters with monstrous fire beetles had put me on edge and the Dalish being so close in coloration did little to set me at ease. We quickly learned that the tribe had been plauged by a white dragon, and charged us to save them in return for their loyalty. Their need was further exemplified when their cheif, an odd orange fellow who incidentally was Misty’s father, was seized by the dragon and spirited away. We ascended yonder mount, and were soon accosted by the dragon. The drake which had previously bonded with Grumble had grown quickly into this awe inspiring beast. Terrible though it was, I could not help but marvel at this majestic creature. It recognized us, and bade us to find it lair to claim as its own, and exchange it would leave our charges in peace. Its elegant manner of speech was persuasive, and certainly…interesting. We agreed and descended the mountain. With Misty now acting as chief, we felt obliged to escort the Dalish back to Fair Breeze We consented, and it gave us a horn imbued with the ability to call it forth. It flew off, leaving us to our task. We made our way back through the brush towards yonder village. We lost two tribesmen when wolves suprise us from the rear. We fought them off with little difficulty. We encountered similar situations with mild degrees of difficulty, wolves along with the dreaded yet stupid fire beetles. One situation strikes me stil as unexplainable. Now, as the only warlock amongst our group I have seen my fair share of strange happenings, as the fey make even our ‘deviants’ look tame. I was just coming to after being breifly knocked unconscious and saw something I’m sure will perplex me till my (final) death. I was greeted by the sight of what appeared to be a wolf attempting an act of mid-battle copulation with our fearless leader. Post or pre-battle acts are not alien to my realm of knowledge, but this was new. Our brave Warlord declined to comment on it afterwards, threatening to and I quote “core you [me] like a racoon fey cores its were-creyfish mistress” if I brought it up again. I was perplexed, and considered telling him that it was the other way around, but I decided against it.

After a skirmish with goblins INCREDILBLY talented in the ways of stealth yet oddly attracted to falling trees, we finally arrived at our fair village. We quickly bought ourselves a set of horses and raced off to complete the dragon’s wish. We were accosted by yet more goblins (less stealthy) and came to a clearing with a suspicious bush. I called warlock’s fire to my hands and awaited the order to strike. However it was our fearless leader who took point. Upon attacking the harmless bush and subsequently being plastered with berry juice ( I was again threatened against comment) a horde of fire beetles descended upon us. ‘Twas in this fight that I fell to near death via fiery blast. Seeing as we had made good time, and expected there to be long enough to back track, my comrades hauled my me to the alchemist’s cabin to be treated so that I could still be of use to the Eladrin. Unfortunately upon arrival the alchemist was short of a vital ingredients to treat my wounds. It T’was a simple decision, they could only leave me here in the best care from the alchemist.

And now our our party plans to continue, hopefully they will succeed without me. I think it reasonable that they will.

We began this new day with our warlord providing us with a cleric that will preserve our “comrade’s” body for us as we continue our quest. Sadly our warlord was forced to return to the city of Nelden, which made us decide to bring Misty along. Why? Because she is a bad ass that is why. We began our trip in the same direction that we went the first time but this time Misty’s perception allowed us to gang bang the nine goblins, the first time…. just up the hill the cleric decided to try talk it out with some goblins…. failed…. and got us all raged pretty bad. after killing the six goblins we took a break. from their we made it to the mountain where we had a three way split. we went right where we found a cave that was owned by three dire wolfs… although Grumble was raged on their surprise attack after placing a Critically powerful Fountain of Fire, the tide of war had changed greatly. After clearing the cave and obtaining all three pelts with rolls of n20 n20 and 19+8 i opened a chest that released some rope. i stood there… then the ceiling of the roof started coming down and although i was the farthest away i made it out. Grumble who was closest to the exit of the cave, got smashed a wee bit. So we got Grumble out and took another small break. from there we headed up the left path where we met a human patrol. This time Grumble was Successful with his diplomacy but was unable to get adequate information from them. We decided to gang bang them finishing them off without taking a single peace of damage. their leader surrendered due to having one health left so we stripped, hog tied, and interrogated him. his patrol was looking for a dire bear that was out and about in the area. we forced him into the cave where he was quickly manhandled by some massive shadow the made a CA-CAW sound. after being terribly confused on why a dire bear would make that sound we deciding to go in and have some fun. Slowly we progressed in the pitch black cave. i decided to go up a finger in the cave and was then separated due to a rock slide from the party. traveling down the corridor i found a bunny… with glowing red devil horns…. it jumped in a hole, which i expanded via frost burst and slid through with a only a few seconds remaining. the bunny continued forward as i followed it down the path. i came to an opening where i could see a small landing where my teammates came battle charging in and began the assault on the dire bear. from my safe distance across the ravine i gave my magic missile support. upon it’s death the bear turned into the devil horned bunny and ran away down the ravine. a new problem had appeared before us. i could not reach them without trying to rappel down the ravine then back up which was not possible. so instead i tied the rope around myself, Grumble tied it around himself, and then started running. he didn’t do to good considering when i hit the other side of the ravine i took 8d10 of damage…..I managed to not perma die by just 3 health :D. From their though my memory fades probably from the massive concussion and damage I took in such a short amount of time.
that is all i have to report

From the Diary of Misty Fragile

“We escaped the flooding cave, kipalo and myself being carried out by Trenton.. We collected ourselves after our escape and continued on in search of the lair. As we made our way through the snow covered valley we came across a trail leading out and further up into a finger of the valley. I decided to scout down the trial, and found that there were two sets of about six humans foot prints left behind, both of which were traveling in the direction towards where we had come. As we had killed a patrol of humans it became apparent that another must be lurking around the area. As I was about to turn back to notify my company, I detected the presence of a hidden human nearby. I stealthily came around his flank and observed that he was an armed scout. He had his crossbow trained down the path that I had come by. With out hesitation I immediately dispatched him. The only sound he made was that of his limp corpse collapsing on the ground. As I finished cleaning the warm blood from my blade two more patrolmen were coming up the trail from where my company was supposed to be waiting. Worried I dragged the body off around the side of the trail back towards the main path where I last saw my company. The corpse was cumbersome, dead weight I did not need, so I hid it in a dense fur tree. I rushed back, and found my company waiting for me. They explained that they had met a human patrol, and successfully engaged in diplomatic negotiations. The patrol had gone up the path that I had scouted just then to check in. I told them about the scout that I had dispatched, and we hurriedly made our way further up the valley away from the path. We came to the end of the valley where we started our ascent up the grade of the tallest peak where I spotted a rather large cave entrance. After a good days climb up the entrance it was agreed to summon the dragon Grammzon for his inspection of the cave. Trenton blew the horn given to him by the great beast, and it made a series of the highest sounds that reverberated around within my chest. Within a few hours the roar of the white beast was heard as he flew majestically over the other end of the valley towards us. He flew as a blur in the sky, blending in with the clouds as he came down upon us with what looked like a mangled corpse. He landed on the ledge of the cave entrance and in his great rumbling tones he conversed with Trenton. He chirped in delight at seeing the cave and took his mangled meal part way in and sniffed. A growl rumbled the cliff side as Grammzon turned back to Trenton. Again they shared in the grumbling exchange of tongue, and suddenly Grammzon spread his great wings, prey in jaws, flew high up into the air off away from the valley. Trenton relayed to us that Grammzon desired us to clear the lair of whatever dwelled inside it as he hunted the prey that he had in his jaws. As the day came to a close we set up camp and enjoyed the sharing of shelter, food, and story as is custom to all elvs, Eladrin or Dalish. However, we did have an expected intrusion during our rest. I detected what seemed to be a mere shadow that was out of place moving up to where we were camped. I notified the company, and we jumped to hidden location, prepared to ambush the visitor. He made his way up and hesitantly made himself known as Vince Crestfall of Fair Breeze, calling out for the Saronite Company. Trenton greeted him, and we all resumed our proceedings of the camp fire mannerisms with Vince, our new companion. Upon the marrow we ventured into the cave. Vince and I almost at the same moment informed our company of the presence of drakes that were up ahead. They were drinking from a pool of water in the small chamber, unaware of our presence. We sprang on them in surprise, myself charging towards the beast Trenton had smashed into. I swung my blades with lighting speed and relived them of their heads. Bolts of frost erupted from Kipolo and hurled into the fray. Series of arrows reigned upon the confused drakes. Within minutes the great lizards were silent corpses, the pool of water turned red with the oozing blood. We took a short rest, during which I harvested the scales of the creatures. We were in a chamber that had three stair cases, forward, left and right. we decided to take the one on the right. As we journyed down the corridor we found ourselves in some sort of acidic air. We all teleported out and away from where we were in a panic, looking around, weapons drawn, for the source. Trenton was then grabbed by the air and sucked into what seem like water, as he floated in mid air, skin burning off as if in acid. We all attacked the Air Trenton was trapped in. My blades seemed to be cutting into a jelly like substance. With each cut they sizzled and seemed to weaken as the metal foamed. Vince’s arrows stuck in the air substance and slowly melted into oblivion. Trenton wriped his way out of the air, and fell to the ground, burning. He got up and drew his sword, slashing at the air. The air again grabbed him and sucked him in, again burning eating away at him alive. With renewed ferocity we slashed, shot, and blasted the air until eventually it turned a blue color, released Trenton and exploded into a jelly substance. The blue jelly was all over the corridor splattered. As we tended to Trenton’s wounds, the jelly reformed and slinked away further down the corridor. More Cautiously, weapons at the ready we turned a left around the corridor. Vince loosed an arrow, it soared unencumbered and harmlessly bounced off the stone wall. We waited a minute, scanning the corridor. I though I had seen a shimmer of the light and with a lighting strike I swung at the air, hitting nothing, but lodging my longsword into the wall. The wall cracked up to the ceiling, some small peaces of rock crumbling down. Vince moved ahead bow at the ready, as I tried to pull my longsword free. I was struggling so Trenton came over and yanked it free with ease. As I thanked him with a blush, Vince was sucked in by an invisible force. Immediately kipalo let off an arch of lighting at it, as Trenton and I turned and lanced at the invisible jelly. Trenton reached in and pulled Vince out of the acidic jelly, just in time as kipalo let loose a magic missile, which on contact, turned the jelly a visible blue. The jelly exploded all over the corridor and began to reform, but before it did, kipalo and Hanselx conjured fire and burned the jelly into ash. We took another short rest, during which Vince ventured to the end of the corridor. My self being occupied giving the proper thanks to Trenton, Kipalo looking dazed from his previous head injury were not near Vince. We heard a roar, a series of arrows and then silence all in a split second. We looked to where Vince was last, and to our horror, a puddle of Elvish remains and Vince’s gear was all that was left, steaming in was seemed to be an acid pudde that coated that end of the corridor. Panic striken we rushed to what remained of Vince, Trenton in the lead myself on his right. We charged around the corner blades raised in fury. There were five spitting drakes that reared their heads and let loose a volley of acidic breath, all of which were directed at myself. I dodged under the first, skirted the second, but could not escape the other three. They all hit me, knocking me off my feet, seering my flesh. I fell to the ground on my back, the word spinning in and out of focus. My grip on my blades lessened as the blackness consumed me. I felt the pain stop and the word became more focused. I opened my eyes and found Hanselex over me muttering the ancient words of healing, and saw Trenton swinging his blade at one of the drakes, Kipalo hurling a bolt of frost. I gripped my blades, and jumped up on my feet, clutching my side that was still burning. Trenton Decapitated one of the drakes, it fell in a pile of scales, he then smashed another drake into its comrade. Seeing my chance at vengeance I charged forward at the two entangled drakes, blades at the ready. Each blade found its mark as they pierced the heart of each drake. I twisted and blood splattered the walls as two more drakes fell. Trenton myself, kipalo and Hanselex then turned our attention to the the other two drakes. Fire soared in a lance, lighting arched forward, and three blades came down in a flurry, two more drake lay as corpses amongst their comrades. A moment silence took place as we caught our breath. Myself and Trenton covered in blood, head to foot. The after affect of the commotion caused during the battle was that of the ceiling of the passage whence we came down by, collapsed on our company. I dodged around the falling stone with grace, Hanselex and Kipalo were safely out of the falling ceiling,Trenton got caught in the ruble. We dug him out and tented to his injury to his leg. Seeing as there was no other option but to press forward, we moved down past the corpses of the drakes. The corridor opened into a large chamber, ourselvs on a lege above the floor of the chamber. Further along the ledge, stairs went down to the floor. On the floor of the chamber were five large Rage drakes that were sleeping, across on the opposite side of the chamber was an identical ledge with spitting drakes perched on it, looking around hungrily. As we did not wish to take an extended rest with the drakes so near we surprise attacked them as they slept. Kipalo and Hanselx let off fire blasts down upon them. Trenton threw javelins, and I let lose a series of arrows from the bow of Vince. Three were felled before they knew what was happening. The other two charged up the staircase across the ledge at Trenton. They smashed against his shield and knocked him over. I dropped the bow and drew my blades, charging at the stampeding drakes. I felled the first with a flurry of strikes. The second, blasted of the ledge from and arc of fire from Hanselex’s hands. We proceeded to dispatching the spitting drakes on the opposite side of the chamber, after which we retreated back to the ledge whence we came, piled the corpses of the drakes on the stair cases, and made camp near the caved in corridor. We spent the night mourning the loss of Vince Crestfall, engaging the ritual prayers of the dead. It is Eladrin custom to bury the dead with the items in which they perished with, however it is Dalish Custom for the closest ones to the deceased person to inherit the personal effects. I am, against my companies protests, keeping Vince’s bow and quiver as a memorial token, and instrument of Vengeance. Upon our return to Fair Breeze I will seek out his kinsmen and present the Bow and quiver of the late Hunts Master of Fair Breeze.”

22 Feb

From the journal of Loreli Crestfall:
I learned that Father died recently. Vince and I came across his adventuring group and they relayed the deatils. Their cleric is kinda a dick. He made Vince cry though so I guess I like him. Not sure why exactly, but I decided to join them while they finished whatever it was that they were doing. They had another girl in the group, but I get the impression that she scares them, so I’ve gotten the title of the group female. We are of course lovers now.
I learned quickly that they had a collective hard-on for cash (literally in the case of their mage) and decided to invade a human fort in pursuit of said shiny objects. We took their scouts by suprise and discovered a secret entrance, revealed to us via an incredibly detailed map on one of the fresh corpses.
We entered, and found ourselves near the commandant’s quarters. It was nighttime, so he was sleeping. I quietly slipped into bed next to him while everyone else got into position (no pun intended). He woke, and obviously quite confused as to why an elven girl was…fondling him. We assume he thought he was dreaming. I quickly slid my knife up to The General (and I’m not talking about the commandant), so he realised quickly that silence was a virtue.
We forced him to call the sqauds of men to prepare for inspection and then enter his chambers one squad at a time. Misty dropped down from the rafters and damn near exploded the first men. Of course, her ass looked especially great covered in fresh blood. A minor battle ensued, aided by the sqauds confusion over the commandant’s…yes… which was actually the hilt of my dagger. Twas an adequate disguise if I say so myself.
We then had Kippilo levitate several gallons of blood over the door for when the next squad showed up. At this moment even I had wood. The sheer confusion on the squads faces was delicious. After their inevitable date with death, the guards stopped coming for inspection. Maybe the man covered in blood falling off the wall and impaling himself on the spikes below spooked them. Panzies. The humans in all their intelligence (Their average score was INT6) decided to set fire to the building in an attempt to flush us out. Sound idea considering that the entirety of their settlement was made out of wood. Grumble bust down the door, and using it as an impromptu sheild, charged our new assailants. Various bits of fighting broke out as the fire spread. After defeating the gaurds, we attempted to stop the peasents from fleeing with all their delicious treasure. The men and women were slaughtered, and the children we pressed into slavery. Hansellex’s line of the day, “Lord spare the children from the flames! We can sell them as slaves!”. Appearently his god heard him. We rushed to put the fire out, and thus save the treasure. We succeeded, and proceeded to bash down the gate so we could escape with our newfound objects o’ happiness. After all that blood, fire, and misery, I find myself in need of satisfaction. MIsty had better be open tonight.
So, I lost my father, my brother is a panzie, and I got to rain down pain and destruction on many humans, completely ruining their lives. All in all a good day.


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