Alice Longstrider

Social Rank: Magistrate
Type: Minion
Race: Eladrin
Sex: Female

Initiative Movement Passive Insight Passive Perception
1 6 10 10


AC Fort Ref Will
10 10 10 10

Hit Points: 1


  • Dagger: 1d4

Race Feats
Eladrin Education: extra skill
Proficient in longsword
Eladrin Will: +1 will, +5 Charm saves
Trance: 4 hour extended rest, and aware of surroundings

Bio: Apart of the Eladrin nobility, a lower ranking countess. Wished to settle one of the outer colonies that were planned to be established. Through the leverage of a scandal, she convinced the Earl to allow her presence as the magistrate of Fair Breeze when it was established. She has proven herself to be worthy of Noble blood as the magistrate of the village during its founding and growth. She is a moderately wealthy woman, with a name un-respected else where in the Eladrin kingdoms. Her name is of high regard in Fair Breeze as a worthy leader, and is marked as a woman of devout nationalism, a role model to the Citizens.

Alice Longstrider

Ages of Tevintar, Chantry, the Dalish, and the Eladrin RHINE