Markus Sunreaver

Class: Warlord
Level: 4
Experience: 0/10
Race: Eladrin
Player: William
Sex: Male

Initiative Movement Passive Insight Passive Perception
4 5 10 10
Score Ability Ability Mod
18 Stre 4
12 Con 1
10 Dex 0
18 Int 4
10 Wis 0
11 Cha 0


AC Fort Ref Will
23 22 21 18

Hit Points: 39
Bloodied: 18
Surge Value: 9
Surges: 8


  • Heavy Longspear: range 2sq; +4 att roll; 1d10 + 4stre dmg
  • Longsword:: +5 att roll; 1d8 + 3 stre dmg

Race Feats
Eladrin Education: extra skill
Proficient in longsword
Eladrin Will: +1 will, +5 Charm saves
Trance: 4 hour extended rest, and aware of surroundings

Class Feats
Combat leader: you and allies in 10sq get +2 to initiative
Tactical Presence: when ally uses action point, gets 1/2 my intel mod to Dmg.

Commander’s Strike: Adjacent Ally attacks (basic) a target.
Wolf Pack Tacics: Before basic melee attack allow an ally shift 1sq free action.

Warlord’s Favor: Melee vs Ac
*Hit: 2[W] + stre mod & an ally in 5sq 1 + my intel mod for attack rolls.
*Miss: ally in 5sq 1 + my intel mod for attack rolls.

Inspiring Word: Burst 5sq; target uses surge + 1d6 ( used x2 encounter )

Warlords Strike: Stre vs Ac; Hit 2(w) + stre; until end of turn all allys get 1+ intel mod for dmg rolls on target

Aid the Injured: tough target; target uses surge

Fey Step: Teleport 5sq; does not provoke attack of opportunity.

Lead the Attack: Stre vs Ac
*Hit: 3[W] + stre mod; Remainder encounter me and ally 5sq 1 + intel mod for attack rolls

*Miss: me and ally 5sq +1 attack rolls

Bio: Markus Sunreaver is an Eladrin Noble given full reign over the region known as Ferelden by the Empress. He is a more prominent noble in the Eladrin Hierarchy, one known for his stubborn resolve, efficient execution, and tactical genius. Ferelden being a rugged and damaged land by humans, dwarfs, and other sorts of riffraff is a job for the Eladrins most cunning Warlord Noble. He was born 173 years ago in the city of Arlathan, the Eladrin capital city. He witnessed the fall of the Imperium, and the ending of the Blights. During those times he proved to be a most dangerous opponent on the battle field, a cunning leader, and political powerhouse. He had married his lover, whom was the daughter of the most influential Noble of the time. Only to have his love and unborn child murdered by a human Inquisition Squad while on the journey to the Brecellian forest, He was on his way to govern what is today the largest Eladrin city in Ferelden, Neldan. After consolidating Neldan’s stability and power, Markus Decided to order the colonization of areas around Ferelden. Markus heading the most remote of the villages, Fair Breeze, some whispered this was a death wish as he could not live with his one tactical failure..the loss of his wife. They gossiped that he took on the remotest and hardest challenge himself to only further his Tile, or per-suite of glory. Still others thought him hellbent with revenge on the humans for the gruesome murder of his wife and child, the Inquisition was rumored to be in that area. Whatever the case, Markus Sunreaver is the ruling Noble of Fair Breeze and he will do all that he can to see its dominance over the surrounding areas.

Journal of Earl Markus Sunreaver

Markus Sunreaver

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