History Founded during the spellplague as the protectors and servants of the public Eladrin during the trifle of its time By Aurelius Saronite. The society swelled in numbers during that time, but when the time passed so did the day of the Saronites. Only recently has the prestigious order been called back to operation in times of war, this time acting as the elite tools safeguard expansion.

Members Names Position Level Title Status
Markus Sunreaver Leader Striker 4 Earl Active
Seilverus Evinmoore Striker 2 Recruit Deceased
Trenton Grumble Protector 2 Recruit Active
Strophe kippo Controller 2 Recruit Active
Lanlene Duskwalker Striker 1 Recruit In-active
Vince Crestfall Striker 1 Recruit Active
Hanselex Healer 2 Recruit Active
Misty Fragile Striker 2 Recruit Active
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Party Inventory

Current Quests Region Date
The Meadow, Tribe, and the Dragon Frost Back Mountains **
Quests Completed Region Date
Phanlax Fair Breeze December 17, 2010
The Enchanted Seed, Elderberry, and Grove Fair Breeze December 17, 2010
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Ages of Tevintar, Chantry, the Dalish, and the Eladrin RHINE