Strophe kippo

Class: Warlock
Level: 3
Experience: 0
Race: Eladrin
Player: Jason

Initiative Movement Passive Insight Passive Perception
3 / 5 6 19 10
Score Ability Ability Mod Total Bonus
8 Str -1 0
10 Con 0 1
12 Dex 1 2
22 Int 6 9
12 Wis 1 3
8 Cha -1 2


AC Fort Ref Will
17 12 20 16

Hit Points: 28
Bloodied: 14
Surge Value: 7
Surges: 6


Race Feats
Eladrin Education: extra skill
Proficient in longsword
Eladrin Will: +1 will, +5 Charm saves
Trance: 4 hour extended rest, and aware of surroundings

Class Feats

Frost Blast: A sudden blast of cold comes from target location.
*Hit: 1D6 + int mod. Blast of 1. Int vs Ref
Ghost Sound: Able to make any sound possible appear in designated location.
Prestidigitation: Allows the ability to mess with senses or look of objects.
Mage Hand: Conjurers a hand that can lift 25 pounds and travel 5 feet.

Burning Hand: a Massive blast ensuing from your palm.
*Hit: 2D6 + Int mod. Int vs Reflex. 5×5 Blast
*Miss: Half damage.
Fey Step: Teleport 5sq; does not provoke attack of opportunity.
Shocking Orb: Implement: makes an orb explode in a blast of electricity.
*Hit: 2d6 + Int mod. Int vs Reflex. 3×3 Blast
*Miss: Half Damage.
Maze of Mirrors: forgot….

Fountain of Fire: Summons a massive fire of ongoing affect on target location
*Hit: 3D8 +int Mod. Int vs Ref 5×5 Blast
*Miss: No Damage is done
*Ongoing: 5 damage to anyone starting in or entering affected area.
*Lasts: Till end of encounter.

Shield: Immediately summons a shield for your protection
Immediate: +4 to AC and Ref.
Instant Friend: Out side of battle, make and enemy a friend that will truthfully answer all question. Will do anything except harm himself, ally, or his property.
on higher levels they get a +5 on lower levels they get a -5

Bio:h3. Recruit Badass

Strophe kippo

Ages of Tevintar, Chantry, the Dalish, and the Eladrin Kippie