Trenton Grumble

Class: Fighter
Level: 2
Experience: 4/10
Race: Eladrin
Player: Steve

Initiative Movement Passive Insight Passive Perception
3 6 10 10
Score Ability Ability Mod
16 Stre 4
16 Con 3
11 Dex 0
10 Int 0
11 Wis 0
14 Cha 2


AC Fort Ref Will
21 19 13 15

Hit Points: 32
Bloodied: 16
Surge Value: 8
Surges: 12


  • Bastard Sword:: +8 att roll; 1d10 + 3 stre dmg
  • Eladrin Shield: +3 AC

Race Feats
Eladrin Education: extra skill
Proficient in sword
Eladrin Will: +1 will, +5 Charm saves
Trance: 4 hour extended rest, and aware of surroundings

Class Feats
Defenders Aura: Enemies get a -2 attack rolls if they don’t attack tank.
Battle Guardian: att opt if adjacent enemy shifts or attacks ally, if miss stre mod dmg.
Weapon Talent: +1 wep att rolls
Shield Finesse: Ignore shield penalty
Heavy Armor Agility: Ignore armor penalty

Cleaving Assault: Basic melee att; adjacent from target takes con mod dmg.
Defend the line: *Hit enemy basic melee & it is slowed for a turn

Fey teleport: 5sq teleport; no att opt

Power Strike: trigger; hits masic melee; takes 1[W] extra.

Glowering Threat:


Bio: “Grunts heavily”..No discussion is allowed upon my past, all those who pry at me will be thunked accordingly.

Trenton Grumble

Ages of Tevintar, Chantry, the Dalish, and the Eladrin Grumble