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Welcome, this campaign will be a dnd4e with a few minor altercations. It will take place in the region known as Ferelden. You may play as any race or class, however the races and faction will outline the setting of the campaign.

The four starter settings


  • Players start out in a small neutral village that is un-disturbed by the politics of the out side world.

Tevintar Imperium

  • Players start out in one of the Imperium’s dispatch stations as new recruit’s. Serve the Imperium magi council as the elite Inquisitors of their empire, consolidate their holdings, destroy their enemies, seize ancient magics, destroy non-conformed magic wielders, expand their empire.


  • Players start out in a chantry as new recruit’s ready to serve the revered mother as servants of the almighty creator. Help the Chantry win the hearts of the human kingdoms by unifying the lands together under one religion, abolishing the other races that refuse its teachings, and eliminating targets that oppose their views.

Dalish Elves

  • Players start out in a small Dalish tribe whom still wanders the forests of Ferelden in search of a new home for its peoples. Players will embark on a quest of finding their kin a home to settle at, protect their settlements, establish unity between the tribes.

Eladrin Ancients

  • Players start out as a rallied militia strike force lead by one of the Nobles of the Eladrin hierarchy, charged with protecting a newly instated village high up in the mountains. Players will find themselves caught in a fight for their way of life, safeguarded magics, and the very survival of their ancient empire.

Ages of Tevintar, Chantry, the Dalish, and the Eladrin

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